Big Thanks to the Masters

John Brigham is a great guy and an awesome photographer. He took all of the photos used in the artwork for "Recipe for the blues", including the cover. John also provided the cover shot for our first album "Going Home". From laying belly down in the middle of a country highway to standing on the top of a wobbly 12 foot ladder, John goes the distance to get the shot.

All of the recording, engineering, mixing, and mastering was done by Jeff Sanders. He did a wonderful job of creating the sound that we wanted. At times, I wondered if he was a legitimate mind reader. What a pro! We were fortunate to work with Jeff as he has worked with some of the absolute biggest names in the music industry. His resume reads like a who's who list in LA music scene. He did the mastering on Stevie Wonder's "Songs in the Key of Life" which won the Grammy for Album of the Year. We are grateful for his mentoring and so very happy that he selected our project as a way dabble once again.

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