Heading for the Hills

We are going to Mariposa, Ca. to perform at the Arts Park as part of the Summer Concert Series. It's this Saturday July 17th 7-9. I have a lot of history in Mariposa. My family is part of the Southern Sierra Miwok Band.(Native Americans) Also, my great grandfather Archie Leonard was one of the first park rangers in Yosemite(National Park). My family still owns land right at the edge of town. Mariposa is part of our family story, we have deep roots up there. I look forward to seeing my cousins, tribal members. and all of the friendly town folk. I encourage all of you to go up early and have a late lunch or early dinner in Mariposa and shop the historic downtown. They have a bunch of really cool and interesting shops. Of course, finish the day off with our concert in the park! Off to the motherlode we go! Oh yeah, come out and buy our new cd!!!

Stay Cool,


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